Our Vision

We live in times of transition, the cultural and social roles of women and men are changing, as well as consumption habits and the planet’s resources, the very organization of society. We are an interdisciplinary and visionary collective that wants to question the way in which people and organizations face challenges, needs and opportunities.

We think that developing the intuitive, collaborative and emotional potential of groups and teams, better decisions can be made and more authentic bonds fostered. For this reason, we offer training and experiences with an experiential and playful approach, to explore the most human, creative and empathic part that involves the processes of work and transformation towards the future.

Who we are

ente amarillo

Virginia Bailón

Program Coordinator and Facilitator

Social Work, Gender Studies, Psychodrama

Giovanni Marco Zaccaria

Gianmarco Zaccaria

Project Manager and Creative Director

Engineering, Digital Art, Experience Design